Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson... The Best Friend I Never Knew...

How do you say goodbye to a friend that you never knew? The person that you have identified with since childhood? From the moment that you recognized that infamous red and black leather jacket. The signature white sock and high rise pants, and of course, the golden smile, moves and the voice that God perfectly aligned together to create the world's greatest pop star?

What is the answer? By the way, if you figure it out...let me know.

What is so scary about MJ's passing for me is that Thursday morning from 3 to 5:30a.m. in the morning...I had to power on my Sansa jam list to keep me awake and focused on studying for my exams. You have to understand, my jam list...I can't just have any song that I love on a regular basis on there. I have to go into battle mode because my body, mind and soul is in serious battle with me to not give up. I have to throw in ALL the hyper Beyonce tunes, Usher's "U don't Have to Call", Drake, Mary Mary, DeLeon, Amerie's 2005 hit, "1 Thing" (<---about five times! I love that D.C. Go-Go sound!) and MANY etc., etc., etc. I just had to play whatever songs that I needed at that moment to keep me up and going.

Well, the music certainly got me going a little bit to much. By 4:37a.m. I am on my twitter letting the world know what kind of vibe I was on. I had listened to my jams, got on my piano and starting trying to put some of my other songs I am writing together, put back on the headphone and went downstairs to the front door atrium area next to the dinning room where I set up shop to study. It was around 5:00 a.m. when my MP3 began to play "Rock with You". I challenged my silhouette on the wall in a dance off against the dinning room light while glancing at times in the mirror with my hair brush in my right hand and my left hand up in the air. When the song went off, I felt soooooo good! I was hype! MJ always knows how to make me feel so happy and a best friend!

Twelve hours later...while conducting a training session at employees broke the news to me. I really didn't see the news or check the radio on the way to work as I was preparing for an I really didn't take what I heard seriously until I went to the break room and saw it for myself on CNN. I wasn't about to show any tears in front of my team...but the shock was there. The tears didn't take long to hit me as I drove home after midnight in my car listening to Jackson favorites on Majic 102.

My best friend that I never knew and big brother in my musical journey has gone home to be with our father, and I couldn't be more proud of him. In general the Jackson Family Movement, Motown and the entire musical entity of the past 50 years is a great inspiration. The entire world knows this man, and his heart to give to the community and everything about him. He can never be replaced, and no one will ever come close.

Watching the news media reports, music features and special board cast throughout the evening have brought me to recall how influential this man has been on humanity and many of the battles that he has endured over recent decades. Michael really pulled through it all and made the best of the worst. I loved his spirit...his sensitive nature . Beautiful person.

I don't have the answer the answer just yet on how to say goodbye...but I do know to celebrate and give God thanks for the short time that we all had with him. I do know that Michael will want us to continue his legacy, especially for his children to understand and know the impact that their Father had on the world.

Finally, I do know that my brother in spirit...if he knows of me now...wants me to continue to fight to get to the top. That is exactly what I will do. I will always remember you Michael...thank you for being the best friend that I never knew. I love you! I will always remember you...we will always remember you...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


@ 10:57A.M.
Southwest Houston

I woke up this morning...extremely out of my element and ready to roll back into bed. I got down on my knees and acknowledged God's presence and gave thanks for today. I got on the computer to check out the happenings of the world and decided to check up on two good mentors that I am fortunate to have met on this musical journey in 2009, YO & Thurzday of U-N-I.

It wasn't too long ago in March that I was sitting with them at a restaurant off Westheimer and getting familiar with them prior to their engagement at a popular sneaker shop in Downtown Houston. It was so crazy. I had no idea who they were, but from coast to coast... the fame of these two men who have broken a common trend in West Coast hip hop were sitting in front of me. I was completely unaware. However, when my sister's best friend threw on their CD in the car on the way to the event...a light bulb went off in my mind, and I've been hooked ever since. That night at the Galleria, local hip hop superstar and radio personality GT greeting us and I gave him my last copy of their mix tape...hoping that I can make that effect on him.

It constantly happens...that light bulb. It can be me watching my big brother Future the Poet in action on stage as he stimulates peoples minds with affluent knowledge on sex, poverty, self identity, race, class, (etc.). There was also another time when I met my favorite Canadian actor in the mall over two years ago inside the Gucci store. He personally to told me and my sister that he was on tour with NeYo and starting to focus more on this hip hop thing. On May 9th, 2009, Drake sold out Warehouse Live in downtown Houston. I love that concert and it was so wonderful to see Houston gain realization on what I have known about for so long.

Recently, my best friend Stephcynie Curry (NYC Singer and Songwriter) got her Mom to organize a great opportunity for myself and many other singers in the Houston area to perform with Crefelo Dollar Ministries. The day before, I was just about to call my job and tell them that they made a mistake on my God would have it...he made that happen so that I wouldn't miss out on his blessings and INFLUENCE.

Each and every person that I have mentioned has contributed to the stimulation that I so often feel in my heart about why I cannot give up on singing and songwriting. I anticipate that I will continue to have these "light bulb" effects with every person that I come in contact with.

In time, I hope to be some one's "light bulb" as well...

One Luv & God Bless, Peace.