Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bonus! My Introduction...Just for You!

Hey everyone! There was a video originally posted in March on here, but I decided to do a more "personal" greeting! My next video, I'll display some of the goods 4 ya! *wink* Have a wonderful night!

Twitter Mates and Fans, I'm back!

This post is for you! As you can see, I haven't posted ANYTHING since summer time! Been in transition (as usual). I'm back, and we're getting into some business now. I got some career changes under the belt, working on my studio plan, awaiting a good writing opportunity and making some lifestyle changing (Yes, the GYM is my BEST FRIEND right now! *smiles*). I am so glad to have some close and constant supporters as I am going through the wilderness of re-discovering my niche as an artist (who hasn't had her break yet...I know, but this is important and critical). I've had some honesty sessions with friends and mentors who see my best and see my worst. It hurts sometimes, but they've seen me at my best. So, now it's time to learn how to make my best consistent. Oh! I got my own PC with a live camera now! Get ready to get some direct videos from me! Forgive me for the akwardness at first, but I'll get over it. Okay, enough about me. How is everyone doing around the world? I hope you're well and in good health and safety. My thoughts and prayers have been on our people in Haiti and Japan as they are enduring some madness that none of us can imagine. I am believing that the strength of our world society and the guidance of God will help you make it through. It feels good to be back. Regardless if I have 1,000,000 readers, or just two (for now *wink*), this is the therapy that I need to learn to publicly express myself. I don't want to remain hidden to you or the world anymore. I know my worth.

One Love & God Bless,
IvyLove (Miss H-Town! *smiles*)