Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And we are progressing....

Hey Family! Happy New Year...yeah, I know it's February! Haha! Nevertheless, it is a brand new year, and I have great joy about my entire movement to share with you! First off, I got a new car! Yay for me! Certainly needed, and came at the right time! So, so, so grateful. Beautiful vehicle too! *wink* Secondly, I have been back in the studio since the end of fall semester in December. I am very proud of the work that I am producing in the studio with the one and ONLY...Mr.Alex Suazo! Let me tell you...the guy is talented. Very young, but very good. I also have the help of his younger brother on the keys. He listens and takes great notation of what I teach him to play on the piano... I'm so happy. I have always struggled to find affordable, more importantly, receptive music producers that understand R&B, Rock/Soul and Neo-Soul in the Houston area. If you do exist, get at me, haha! I got very lucky meeting this dude. I also had a chance to attend the official viewing party for the Grammy Awards over the weekend in Houston at the Hard Rock Cafe. Super nice! I was there last year as a volunteer...but this time, I took advantage of the atmosphere as I met very positive and proactive folks who are working hard in music scene. I met a wonderful couple that was seated next to me and my networking partner (Spectrum!). The husband released a compilation around Halloween, and has some tracks on his MySpace page (Check it out! http://www.myspace.com/spacecityspaceman). Very different style of performance than my own, but I am always open to exposure for the sake of knowledge and growth, so it was awesome to meet the couple. I also reconnected with a guy that I know from HCC, Mr. Jamin of Souf Paw Records in Houston. I couldn't remember initially when I saw him exactly how or why I remembered him, but guess what...I just got it...right now...48 hours later, haha! I know that he has a website for his label too, but I will place it up later. For the second year in a row, a guy ran into me and started a conversation with me about the industry, music, the party, etc. I recognized him instantly. I tried to keep my composure as he slurred up some of his words, but I knew that he was having a good time...lol. At the end of the night, I found myself and Spectrum in conversation with a young man aspiring to become an A&R. I offered myself up to him because I know how hard it can be to identify talent in the Houston area. I gave him some of my advising on how I have identified other artist myself, and I am looking forward to having a working relationship with the gentleman. To be young and have a dream in Houston can be a challenge. I am learning and understanding that in this city, you have to make things happen for you. Resources are very limited with regards to actually having an established music circuit, but this is a great playground to get started on before you try your chances at Nashville, New York, ATL, Cali, etc. I like that very much. I will check in again soon, but please send me your love if you are reading. *smiles*

One Luv & God Bless,