Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just checking In Fam!

Hey Guys!

I don't have much to type...but a bit to say! Here is my video update!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bonus! My Introduction...Just for You!

Hey everyone! There was a video originally posted in March on here, but I decided to do a more "personal" greeting! My next video, I'll display some of the goods 4 ya! *wink* Have a wonderful night!

Twitter Mates and Fans, I'm back!

This post is for you! As you can see, I haven't posted ANYTHING since summer time! Been in transition (as usual). I'm back, and we're getting into some business now. I got some career changes under the belt, working on my studio plan, awaiting a good writing opportunity and making some lifestyle changing (Yes, the GYM is my BEST FRIEND right now! *smiles*). I am so glad to have some close and constant supporters as I am going through the wilderness of re-discovering my niche as an artist (who hasn't had her break yet...I know, but this is important and critical). I've had some honesty sessions with friends and mentors who see my best and see my worst. It hurts sometimes, but they've seen me at my best. So, now it's time to learn how to make my best consistent. Oh! I got my own PC with a live camera now! Get ready to get some direct videos from me! Forgive me for the akwardness at first, but I'll get over it. Okay, enough about me. How is everyone doing around the world? I hope you're well and in good health and safety. My thoughts and prayers have been on our people in Haiti and Japan as they are enduring some madness that none of us can imagine. I am believing that the strength of our world society and the guidance of God will help you make it through. It feels good to be back. Regardless if I have 1,000,000 readers, or just two (for now *wink*), this is the therapy that I need to learn to publicly express myself. I don't want to remain hidden to you or the world anymore. I know my worth.

One Love & God Bless,
IvyLove (Miss H-Town! *smiles*)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wiping off the dust...and we're movin'!

Hey Family! Wow, it's been a moment since I've been on here to share my progress with you! It has certainly been good. First off...I am thankful to say that I will soon be a graduate of the University of Houston! August to be exact, but I am still in battle with a few more courses to seal the deal. Pray for me to sustain through the next two months until we reach journey's end with college. many people are inquiring about what my next move is. I say many things...but what is definite is music. Might study for LSAT and apply for law school, take on the standard 9 to 5...or runaway to L.A. to challenge the big dogs...who knows. There are so many variables. What is constant is my desire to live a musician's life (without going broke of course, I have a degree, lol @ recession!). I've recorded a song since my last blog that I hope to release by September, and had my first performance with Spectrum and Alex Suazo down at Dean's in Downtown Houston (thanks for the support by the way!). So the dust is clearing and I learning to flex my joints again. We're wiping the dust off the shoulders, like Jay-Z baby! I just wanted take a moment to say hello. I miss writing to you, but I will return soon...and this time... school-free!

One Luv & God Bless,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And we are progressing....

Hey Family! Happy New Year...yeah, I know it's February! Haha! Nevertheless, it is a brand new year, and I have great joy about my entire movement to share with you! First off, I got a new car! Yay for me! Certainly needed, and came at the right time! So, so, so grateful. Beautiful vehicle too! *wink* Secondly, I have been back in the studio since the end of fall semester in December. I am very proud of the work that I am producing in the studio with the one and ONLY...Mr.Alex Suazo! Let me tell you...the guy is talented. Very young, but very good. I also have the help of his younger brother on the keys. He listens and takes great notation of what I teach him to play on the piano... I'm so happy. I have always struggled to find affordable, more importantly, receptive music producers that understand R&B, Rock/Soul and Neo-Soul in the Houston area. If you do exist, get at me, haha! I got very lucky meeting this dude. I also had a chance to attend the official viewing party for the Grammy Awards over the weekend in Houston at the Hard Rock Cafe. Super nice! I was there last year as a volunteer...but this time, I took advantage of the atmosphere as I met very positive and proactive folks who are working hard in music scene. I met a wonderful couple that was seated next to me and my networking partner (Spectrum!). The husband released a compilation around Halloween, and has some tracks on his MySpace page (Check it out! Very different style of performance than my own, but I am always open to exposure for the sake of knowledge and growth, so it was awesome to meet the couple. I also reconnected with a guy that I know from HCC, Mr. Jamin of Souf Paw Records in Houston. I couldn't remember initially when I saw him exactly how or why I remembered him, but guess what...I just got it...right now...48 hours later, haha! I know that he has a website for his label too, but I will place it up later. For the second year in a row, a guy ran into me and started a conversation with me about the industry, music, the party, etc. I recognized him instantly. I tried to keep my composure as he slurred up some of his words, but I knew that he was having a good At the end of the night, I found myself and Spectrum in conversation with a young man aspiring to become an A&R. I offered myself up to him because I know how hard it can be to identify talent in the Houston area. I gave him some of my advising on how I have identified other artist myself, and I am looking forward to having a working relationship with the gentleman. To be young and have a dream in Houston can be a challenge. I am learning and understanding that in this city, you have to make things happen for you. Resources are very limited with regards to actually having an established music circuit, but this is a great playground to get started on before you try your chances at Nashville, New York, ATL, Cali, etc. I like that very much. I will check in again soon, but please send me your love if you are reading. *smiles*

One Luv & God Bless,

Monday, October 12, 2009

Erro. & Company...Thanks for the Personal Advising and Love!

Last Sunday Night... I had the honor of witnessing one of the greatest musicians in urban music in action at Houston's Grooves Restaurant off I-45. The atmosphere was very inviting, and I wasn't in any shame to be there by myself as I was student for the evening, looking to gain critical notes from Erro and his opening acts (Liz Warfield, Prince's background singer, and I can certainly envision why after demonstrating her variance as a vocalist...and Chokolate, very free spirit with a lot of joy and heart in her songs. Beautiful demonstrations from both women). Unfortunately, I was not of any importance to the waiter in my section as I was the only person not serviced at Table 13 and his entire work section after requesting my Chardonnay and meal...SEVERAL times, but thanks to the Kitchen Manager on duty for taking care of EVERYTHING for me eventually...almost two hours later, haha! Nevertheless, nothing could take me off of cloud nine when Erro finally hit that stage, with such high energy, humor and sudden surprise that a young musician that my best friend, singer and songwriter, Stephcynie Curry has had good company with over the years, was on stage too!

Mr.Curt Chambers...Philadelphia's Rock Star was the 2nd focal point of notation for me that evening between Eric's make out session with a fan's camera and vocal intensity on fan favorites like "Only For You" from the cult classic album Left, and new jams like "The Newness" from the recent release of Music Fanfirst. Regardless, I am so happy that I had the chance to see what an accomplished musician can do, and CONSTANT love and spotlight that he gave to Chambers, Warfield, Choklate and the rest of his band (Bass Player - Jay Bratten, congrats on your baby girl! Vocalist - Mr.D-Mo, Drummer- Eric 'RainMan' Gaston & Groove on the keys). These ladies and gentlemen gave all of their engery to the crowd and through their music. Eric Roberson is not a name that you will find on the mainstreams of the music industry, but behind every great artist is a muse, and I am ceratin that for many of our common favorites, he is the one. Well, he will be for me from this moment on! Mr.Roberson extracts to me the poise that a musician should be able to bring to stage, every night. He knows that God has blessed him, and he doesn't take it for granted.

Personally, what was amazing me was after the show as I had the chance to connect with many of Sunday Night's performers one-on-one for a period of time. I want to thank Grooves Restaurant and Lounge for NOT kicking me out...I know that I was just about one of the last people to leave! *smiles* From Jay to RainMan to Grove to D-Mo to Curt to Liv & Choklate and eventually Erro, all of them were very receptive to my purpose for being there that evening and took time to give me honest advising, read through my lyrics book and sign it. I was especially touched that it took Erro a while to read through my lryics, tell me about his writing process and write a special message to me to remember as I pursue my dreams...

"Dear IvyLove, Take everything you see and have out put it to song, so people who need healing can sing along..."

So I took a break from studying this Monday morning as I listened to his music to share with you the opportunity that God walked me into last week..because since my last entry to you, my vision has become much visible. I see the formation of the game plan, and I plan to move on it, without rest. I want to thank my God in heaven, and a few friends down here on earth with me (Stephs...y'all should know her by now! *wink*, Spectrum - Rapper and My Musical Partner and Bridget Moore) for reminding me of a few things. I have to say, the journey has been worth it so far...and it is getting better, day by day.

One Luv & God Bless,

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Purpose Never Lost...

Yeah...I've been hiding from all of you...because I don't want to be truthful. It is just so damn hard to be consistent with my dreams when my reality keeps crashing in. I am not done with school, and that is a major priority to my overall foundation. As a matter of fact, working full time and school is my life right now. I had a few set backs with little things that a young woman in a city like Houston cannot afford to live without to get by (cash, car, consistent income, etc.) . Once I have finally caught up on one thing...another road block occurs. Never made it back to the studio since late May, early June and my vocal coach and I have been two months out. I know I shouldn't bare my musical struggles to all of you...but we are at the beginning, and I am writing this NOW while I am still unknown, haha! I am also writing this as a therapy to face my reality about how I am handling my priorities, my hustle, etc. I have the craziest ideas right now on the writing tip, and I think that my poetry has triggered a big flow of ideas that I cannot seem to pin down at the moment in priority to my school work, haha! musical muse and musical weakness at the moment! And this girl, DeLeon, the gospel singer...very unique blend of R&B into gospel, that girl is totally underrated, and I love her current album. I am just praying to the Lord to align everything to come at the right time. I still have so much that I want to do with music before the end of the year, and I just need to remove the blindfold that is holding me back. I guess, I am just a little scared that I will overdue things as I have in the past, and everything will come crashing down. I am a woman of God, and I know better than to reflect on the past and panic to take risk based on the past...I guess that is just my human side speaking. I really miss the studio, I miss being on stage and I miss the music conferences, music mentors...everything. I am just at this final push with school...I have to finish my education now and have a sincere validation to stand on my own two feet as a business woman with this degree and use it as a tool to assist me in my efforts to go into music. One major thing that I will state is that I fully respect artist like Alicia Keys and Amerie, and their journey into education. If I am correct, Amerie got that degree before the record deal! *smiles* I feel like it is so important to validate yourself and status in such an aggressive industry. Not everyone has to be the 12, 15 or 18 year old star discovered in their primitive years. The industry can certainly afford to gain more twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings who are still youthful, poised and have a life story to solidify through their music. I mean, Susan Boyle is near her Golden Years and finally got her break! God is good! Anything is possible, and I have to keep reminding myself of that! *giggles* I know all will be long as I preserver this talent that God has given me and start to comply my game plan very carefully. Now...back to this Maxwell deal...that album has me doing flips and jumps all over my room! Very well crafted! This is what soul music should be like! He raised the bar...and my boyfriend better pray that I don't ever meet that man in person...too sexy! Haha! Loving his essence! I knew I wasn't crazy back in grade school for checking him out with that wild hair! Haha! Just kidding around, but on a real deal...I don't want to loose my passion...and I don't want to loose my chance to be a college graduate. Atlanta keeps coming to my though God wants me to plant a seed in that city. I know Houston will be my playground to practice, but I need to figure out why and WHO most importantly, the Lord wants me to align myself with in that city. I will pray on it. Hey, if you are reading this...reach out to me...positive or will help me to know what you think. Life will be just fine. Good night family...

One Luv & God Bless,

P.S. It's almost 9/11...I want to dedicate this entry to all of our lost families, friends and service men and women, and the their living families affected by the events of almost a decade ago. We will never forget the tragedy, but by the grace of God, we continue to live on and stay strong for our current and future generations to come. God bless America! And Nigeria too! I'm Naija-American y'all, haha! G'nite! *kisses & hugs*