Monday, October 12, 2009

Erro. & Company...Thanks for the Personal Advising and Love!

Last Sunday Night... I had the honor of witnessing one of the greatest musicians in urban music in action at Houston's Grooves Restaurant off I-45. The atmosphere was very inviting, and I wasn't in any shame to be there by myself as I was student for the evening, looking to gain critical notes from Erro and his opening acts (Liz Warfield, Prince's background singer, and I can certainly envision why after demonstrating her variance as a vocalist...and Chokolate, very free spirit with a lot of joy and heart in her songs. Beautiful demonstrations from both women). Unfortunately, I was not of any importance to the waiter in my section as I was the only person not serviced at Table 13 and his entire work section after requesting my Chardonnay and meal...SEVERAL times, but thanks to the Kitchen Manager on duty for taking care of EVERYTHING for me eventually...almost two hours later, haha! Nevertheless, nothing could take me off of cloud nine when Erro finally hit that stage, with such high energy, humor and sudden surprise that a young musician that my best friend, singer and songwriter, Stephcynie Curry has had good company with over the years, was on stage too!

Mr.Curt Chambers...Philadelphia's Rock Star was the 2nd focal point of notation for me that evening between Eric's make out session with a fan's camera and vocal intensity on fan favorites like "Only For You" from the cult classic album Left, and new jams like "The Newness" from the recent release of Music Fanfirst. Regardless, I am so happy that I had the chance to see what an accomplished musician can do, and CONSTANT love and spotlight that he gave to Chambers, Warfield, Choklate and the rest of his band (Bass Player - Jay Bratten, congrats on your baby girl! Vocalist - Mr.D-Mo, Drummer- Eric 'RainMan' Gaston & Groove on the keys). These ladies and gentlemen gave all of their engery to the crowd and through their music. Eric Roberson is not a name that you will find on the mainstreams of the music industry, but behind every great artist is a muse, and I am ceratin that for many of our common favorites, he is the one. Well, he will be for me from this moment on! Mr.Roberson extracts to me the poise that a musician should be able to bring to stage, every night. He knows that God has blessed him, and he doesn't take it for granted.

Personally, what was amazing me was after the show as I had the chance to connect with many of Sunday Night's performers one-on-one for a period of time. I want to thank Grooves Restaurant and Lounge for NOT kicking me out...I know that I was just about one of the last people to leave! *smiles* From Jay to RainMan to Grove to D-Mo to Curt to Liv & Choklate and eventually Erro, all of them were very receptive to my purpose for being there that evening and took time to give me honest advising, read through my lyrics book and sign it. I was especially touched that it took Erro a while to read through my lryics, tell me about his writing process and write a special message to me to remember as I pursue my dreams...

"Dear IvyLove, Take everything you see and have out put it to song, so people who need healing can sing along..."

So I took a break from studying this Monday morning as I listened to his music to share with you the opportunity that God walked me into last week..because since my last entry to you, my vision has become much visible. I see the formation of the game plan, and I plan to move on it, without rest. I want to thank my God in heaven, and a few friends down here on earth with me (Stephs...y'all should know her by now! *wink*, Spectrum - Rapper and My Musical Partner and Bridget Moore) for reminding me of a few things. I have to say, the journey has been worth it so far...and it is getting better, day by day.

One Luv & God Bless,